Deze producten uit Sofia, Bulgarije stralen kwaliteit uit met een ongekende muzikaliteit. Na jarenlang met topmerken gewerkt te hebben zocht Rumen Artarski naar een manier om de voor hem ultieme voorversterker te maken. Langzaam maar zeker groeide het THRAX gamma tot een complete lijn.

Deze apparatuur richt zich naar klanten voor wie enkel het beste goed genoeg is, zonder exhuberante prijzen. 

THRAX Audio haalt zijn inspiratie bij de grootmeesters van de Japanse huizenversterkers. Door innovatie en hun streven naar eenvoud en muzikale magie met technologische spitstechnologie brengen deze pareltjes u dichter bij de muziek.

Op afspraak kan u met deze juweeltjes kennis maken…. een onvergetelijke gebeurtenis.

Contacteer Harry en Michel van Rhapsody in Hilversum, of als je in de buurt van Antwerpen woont… bij ons na afspraak.

It is all out there, you just have to put it together

Thrax Philosphy


Thrax Heros



Heros is a very unusual hybrid transformer loaded amplifier marrying old concepts with latest technology.
The numerous benefits from using an output transformer are usually ignored mostly due to cost reasons. Yet when done correctly the result speaks for itself.

Based on a push pull output stage but modified with our design concepts and experience it features a tube input stage providing the necessary voltage amplification. Followed by transformer loaded cascoded JFET/MOSFET output stage instead of the usual tube taking care of current gain much better.

Almost double the efficiency of a normal Solid State Class A design, no DC on output and many other benefits are taken advantage of in our implementation.

A fully differential architecture using an input phase splitting transformer and summing back at the push pull output transformer. This solution completely floats the inside of the amplifier isolating it from any external influences.

The design being fully differential is immune to power supply noise.

The power supply uses Silicon Carbide diodes followed by a choke preventing any switching noise from reaching the output stage.

The result is an amplifier free of grain and fizziness, giving new meaning to transparency and tone.

We use our beloved 6N6P audiophile tube and the highest grade audio transformers.

Operating all devices in class ‘A’ produces a fair amount of heat, so the whole chassis is a heat sink. It is the most compact 100-watt class A solid state amplifier available.

The chassis is designed to cope with the heat produced by the components and provide a vibration-free structure to house them.

Blending this with stylish aesthetics produced a beautiful sculpture…

To be known as Heros.


Thrax Teres



Teres is based on classic tube amplifier topology.
Single ended tube input stage loaded with a phase splitting transformer controlling 2 separate single ended amplifiers out of phase for output.
Tube clarity and tone with might and power.
Unusual but true…

The C3g tube handles all the voltage gain needed. It uses a new generation or our choke rectified shunt regulated power supply providing a stable noise free operating point.

The output stages power JFET cascodes form a bridge that when unbalanced by the input signal via the 2 transformer windings restores balance by adjusting their current conduction trough the load. The 2 output stages actually enclose the load in their control loops and try to correct each-others errors reducing the distortion to negligible amounts. Leaving only the “character” of the input stage.

To reduce the amount of heat generated the amplifier is biased so only the first few watts are in true class A. Music has a crest factor of 10 on average. This means that most of the time we listen with 1/10th of the peak levels. For most users this translates to under 5W. Peaks could reach over 100watts during playback, but only for few milliseconds. For those peaks the amplifier switches to class B using only one leg of the output stage capable to deliver up to 250W/8ohm and 350w/4ohm.
Not sharing a common reference point apart from the load itself makes the second leg correct for any error produced by the first one. Result is an amplifier capable of extreme power wile delivering exquisite smoothness and low level resolution.

The driver stage is isolated by the interstage transformer and is not influenced in any way by the output stage maintaining tone colour and resolution at all powers levels and loads.

Having the output stages floating around the load prompted for the use of a unique biasing technique powered by solar cells. This was the quietest galvanic isolated power we could come up with. Using opto-electrical conversion we control the bias by adjusting light intensity in the control circuit.

Teres is an example of modern technology solving age-old problems allowing us to go a step beyond.

The physical appearance of Teres is typical Thrax understated elegance. Exquisite finishing ads to the presentation of a solid block of metal like a bigger brother of Heros.



Thrax ARES



A single chassis audiophile system with the sound you want and the features you need.
ARES is not just an integrated amplifier with digital inputs.
It is a complete solution for your home audio needs, just add speakers.

With Analog replay growing in popularity the addition our new RIAA module to the input board converts the first RCA input to a Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono stage. This module once in place adds gain and loading settings to the configuration menu. The RIAA board has it’s own dedicated analog power supply making it absolutely independent. Pretty much like a stand alone phono preamplifier but sharing the same case and user interface.

Our Digital input board accommodating all modern digital interfaces. AES, SPDIF, Toslink, USB, Ethernet and Bluethoot inputs. This input module apart from switching the inputs has the ability to apply different filters and upsampling to supply the DACs always with the optimal data rate and format making it the truly universal digital input module. All data is re-clocked to the high precision internal clock generator.

The DAC module is a simplified version of our multi-bit R2R module developed for the Maximinus DAC offering similar tonal rendition and lifelike dynamics. It is realized as a separate card allowing upgrades when new technologies become available. The integrated network player board supports DLNA, Roon, TIDAL (including MQA) and DSD and is upgradable on it’s own. There are separate power supplies to power the digital and analog circuits independent from each other and the power amplifiers. So you get a multi-bit DAC, an Up-sampler, a Network player, a Phono preamplifier and two mono power amplifiers in a single box. Each designed to work with the other in the most optimal way. Getting rid of cables multiple remotes and boxes scattered across the room.

The modularity of the system let’s you grow as you need and to keep it current for long time to come..