Lorsque vous écoutez de la musique, ce n’est pas tant sa précision qui vous émeut que le supplément d’âme apporté à l’œuvre par l’artiste. Une restitution technique impeccable du son n’est donc pas suffisante. Il est tout aussi important de mettre en avant le talent unique de l’artiste.

Chez Tidal, les enceintes se font discrètes pour laisser s’exprimer la musique dans toute sa richesse. Cela ne signifie toutefois pas qu’elles disparaissent à la vue. Au contraire ! Les enceintes Tidal sont la preuve même que haute technologie et élégance peuvent aller de pair : leur finition vernie rappelle le lustre raffiné des pianos à queue.

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Piano G2

Simplicity. In its highest complexity.

    The cabinet of the TIDAL Piano is made out of TIDAL’s proprietary cabinet material TIRADUR. This cabinet material does combines the rigidity of hard materials such as metal with the resonance absorbing behavior of softer materials such as wooden materials like MDF.It is the only advanced cabinet material allowing to use organic surfaces such as our famous polished veneers, as well as true polyester piano lacquer. So when you see the Piano in the most beautiful pyramided mahogany, ebony macassar or our shiny black piano finish – don’t make the mistake to think the cabinet is out of wooden materials or MDF. And yes, this is why such a modest sized speaker weighs a whopping 65 Kg (143 lbs.).
    TIDAL Piano or TIDAL Piano Diacera – the visually most obvious difference is the 30mm (1.2″) tweeter. In the TIDAL Piano it is a graphite coated ceramic tweeter. Of course there is more than that, since we do design for every tweeter/midrange combination the perfect passive crossover layout, and not just simply switch/offer two different tweeters.This particular tweeter does not lack of any excellence at all and offers the entry into the world of TIDAL loudspeakers. It is housed in the very same massive stainless steel part such as the diamond version and therefor free of compromises, such as every detail of a TIDAL loudspeaker.
    The noble version of the Piano traditionally has the name DIACERA and uses the very same Accuton 30mm pure diamond diaphragm tweeter like from our top models. Not only it is the biggest diamond tweeter in the world, TIDAL also was the very first company at all using a 30mm diamond tweeter. While the driver itself offers already terrific qualities and is being installed in a massive housing out of polished stainless steel for optimized resonance control – only in combination with our unique TIDAL crossovers this driver can perform in way what we have become famous for.Maybe interesting to know on a side note: this very same diamond tweeter technology is being used also in the worlds most exclusive car, the Bugatti Chiron.
    TIDAL’s exclusive BCC driver technology is the result of the Accuton TIDAL cooperation for more than a decade and are to find only in TIDAL speakers. The diaphragm itself is a special coated black ceramic diaphragm and uses a long excursion motor design perfectly designed for the two identical driver chambers.Embedded in a special shaped ring out of hand polished massive stainless steel to avoid reflections from the protection grill. Needless to say that this driver does guarantee absolutely no compromise for the performance and reliability.
    Mounted in a hermetically shielded chamber: pure copper foil capacitors, coils of the same caliber, silver-carbon resistors – only the finest components with proven long time stability are used for our crossovers. Unfortunately, these components are also the most expensive ones and are custom-built for TIDAL. Whether any part must be that expensive is a meaningless question and, for one thing, not one that should arise from budgetary restraints. Only the final result is what counts to us and considerations of cost do not enter into the equation.Our guiding principle is to present our customers with the highest possible degree of reality in musical rendition. Anything less is already amply available but does not meet TIDAL’s demands. That is why literally every component is scrutinously evaluated and selected on the understanding that it has be the one without alternative for its specific purpose. So for example even our smallest speaker is equipped with massive DUELUND copper capacitors.
    As option the Piano could be equipped with 4 massive aluminum isolation feet per speaker. Each of it is milled out of a massive block of aluminum and available in two  versions: hand polished silver and covered with a special coating avoiding any kind of oxidation or with a black structured hard coating. Just slide the picture at the right side to see: one could mount the speakers in a parallel or sloped position.Needless to say that even these parts are 100% made in Germany.

Contriva G2

Better than ever before.


The all new successor of the worldwide praised TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE. We did not let things as they were, all is completely new with the Contriva G2. Like with iconic design classics improving does not mean changing. It means making dimensions and proportions better while strictly continuing and following the generic and unique design of it.

The cabinet is made out of TIRADUR™, TIDAL’s proprietary cabinet material for this 102 Kg beauty. Also we equipped it with all new TIDAL-BCC drivers, a complete new cross-over design and an all new terminal with TIDAL’s completely new pure silver binding posts. The result is the very best midsize speaker we ever built.


TIDAL world of full-size speaker class


The TIDAL Agoria – our statement in the fullsize class of reference speakers. It is the first speaker with a cabinet made out of TIRALIT™, an all exclusive TIDAL cabinet material, which combines ultimate stiffness and resonance control. The unique configuration of two eleven inch woofers and three eleven inch passive sub-bass radiators in CIC configuration is unique and does guarantee with our BCC drivers and the pure diamond tweeter a most natural performance with extremely powerful headroom.

Right with its premiere the Agoria got almost countless references, reviews, Best Sound of Show’s and awards. “I have never heard such specific imaging and accurate timbres from so large a box speaker. Scarily good, with razor sharp dynamics. Tidal’s magnificent Agoria have dynamics par excellence, real heft in the bass, and a wonderful soundstage, but it was the timbral accuracy and imaging that really wowed me. Sublime.”