System Tuning

System Tuning for your High End system


Artists are tuning forks. Their goal is to create resonance in the audience. Bob Lefsetz

System tuning is one of the biggest variables in audio. Define your own taste ..

Artists are unique species, each and everyone of them has their own unique style, sound signature and timbre. Some of the artists that I love are quite unique, for example Lyn Stanley A  Southern California artist that is not only a singer, she’s also a business professional and communication specialist with very high standards, and a fantastic ballroom dancer. She only works with the best musicians and recording engineers…and is her own manager and agency. Her dedication to reach the top and be the best is an example of true High End spirit.

Her unique style and elegance, her voice and professionalism. Thats what High End audio needs. Not from the artists side….They do whatever it takes…But where are the professionals doing whatever it takes to set up and make the systems of their clients sound fantastic? Music systems should be examples of what they can do in more than one way. Not only producing sound, but also representing something unique and special. The quality of finish, elegance, and a unique musical style.

Every system is unique. How do you get it to it’s maximum performance? How do you know you’re getting the best out of it…or are you satisfied with what you believe is the best?  If you combine the same components in a different room, there will be a different result. Loudspeaker-position has a huge impact.   The acoustics of your room have their impact on your sound, as well as the recording studio and microphones used during recording. So many influences on the result…and then there is your taste and ears who like to hear music in a certain way.

A High Resolution system has as many variables as a formula 1 car, and the race track is your listening environment. If you get them both working at their best…you’re ready to enjoy the music.

What do you like? How do you tune your system. What trash do you use?

For example: I listen for a good tonal balance, voices that are open and clear, but a voice needs to have some body, The bass line (I play tuba in an orchestra) needs to be correct. All this technical listening should end ALWAYS in the same spot: to enjoy the music even more… because that’s what it’s all about.

There will be a new album from Lyn Stanley soon, see you @ the High End in Munich…

Frank Vermeylen

High-End Audio consultant

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