Very Fine Solutions and MSB Europe Headquarters Official Opening

Article and pictures by Matej Isak – Publisher, Owner, Operator, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of

MSB Stax headphone amp

Over the past few days I’ve attended the opening of the MSB EU Headquarters and Very Fine Solutions new showroom(s) in Antwerpen, Belgium. This house is both working place and a home of Frank Vermeylen and Martine Driesen. They’ve have been our most kind hosts over the past few days.

Frank has strived hard to make everything ready up to the last minute. For the past two weeks he went through all the trouble to install additional in wall sound treatment to achieve the balance and harmony across all three rooms.

As Very Fine Solutions represents the renowned Artnovion room acoustic product all three rooms were treated with the stylish absorbing and reflecting panels from this fast forward thinking Portuguese company. I was especially mesmerized by the latest Artnovion Sahara panels in glossy white finish with white fabrics. This gotta be the best looking panel I’ve encountered so far.

The Very Fine Solutions product portfolio was chosen very carefully. All the brands that Franks’ represents resonate with what he believes in and stand behind: MSB Technology, TidalArtnovion, Thrax Audio, Russel K., Synergistic Research and Exogal.

All three systems presented were combined with the products from the brands above as following:

Exclusivly introduced MSB Reference DAC (acting also as preamplifier)
Tidal Piano floorstanding speakers
Thrax Teres monoblok power amplifiers

MSB Select DAC
MSB 204 pure class A monoblock power amplifiers
Tidal Contriva loudspeakers

Russel K speakers
Exogal electronics

There was fourth system I shouldn’t forget to mention! The MSB Select Headphone amplifier driving Stax 009 headphones with MSB Select DAC acting as digital front end.

All the cabling came from Synergistic Research and special power treatment was carried by the Torus Power electronics. In the main room EAT Turntable acted as analog front end.

In past decade a lot has changed with the way high-end audio is being experienced. For most of the high-end audio system owners their main listening space is actually their living room. All Very Fine Solutions systems were combined in such way, that music can be enjoyed even at lower level, without loosing the its vibrancy.

As with listening environments, the era of typical audiophile oriented ventures seems to be drifting away. As music lovers and audiophiles by each year demand more profound products and intimate time with the gear before purchase along with first class personal service, a venture and business place such as Very Fine Solutions makes all the sense. Sort of balancing act of cosy, professional and art.

MSB EU Headquarters/Very Fine Sounds “house” is more then big enough to host many people, offices, different systems. Historical vibe and positive aura only works as a cheery on the top of the cake. But, thats not all. It will also act as mini music conversatorium, that will open up the doors to young musicians and artists. It was great to see and meet so many artist, that Frank and Martine invited on Friday evening. It was  a real celebration of finer and more subtle things of life.

Few hours before, opening event was filled with media colleagues and people from the industry. It was great to exchange some of the ideas, experiences and musical references. I was really happy to meet Daniel Gullman from MSB and Rumen Artarski from Thrax Audio. They both shared their intriguing and encouraging plans for the future.

I once wrote, how I wish that there would be more people like Frank in the industry and I’m repeating myself here. Yes, some portion of momentum its always connected with the business and paying the bills, but Frank’s enthusiasm and love for music is of different plane. He is most friendly earthling with contagious love and passion for music, art and people.

The new venture was started in exact spirit and with one goal; to bring people together for the music with the music reproduced on the finest high-end audio equipment.

If you’re visiting Antwerpen, Belgium or live close by, I do urge you to pay a visit to this TEMPLE OF THE ART AND MUSIC. I’ll for sure will hopefully return as soon as possible…

Article and pictures by Matej Isak – Publisher, Owner, Operator, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of

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