Huiskamer concert Tentoonstellingswijk - Expo Antwerpen
Picture by Arthur Vermeylen Photography

Frank Vermeylen van Very Fine Solutions en Singer Songwriter Daniel McBrearty worden beiden blij als ze mensen zien genieten van kunst en muziek. Met dit 4e Music Unites evenement creëren Frank en Martine een platform voor Daniel om zijn nieuwe werk te presenteren.

Daniel is gekend als klarinet en saxofoon speler in het Belgische jazz milieu. Recent heeft hij de houtblazers aan de kant gelegd en de gitaar opgepikt om zijn repertoire, dat hij de voorbije decennia schreef, verder uit te werken.

Zaterdag 9 februari om 20:00 u start dit speciale concert bij Very Fine Solutions, Camille Huysmanslaan 45 , 2020 Antwerpen.

Tickets en reservatie: 22,17 Euro inkom (inclusief CD met de live opname van de avond)

Het concert wordt opgenomen door Fritz de With van STS Digital op een Nagra S4 Bandopnemer en gedigitaliseerd met de MSB ADC.

Nadien wordt aan alle bezoekers een CD van de avond bezorgd. (Niet de avond zelf dus)

Unique Home Concert with Daniel McBrearty

Frank Vermeylen from Very Fine Solutions and Singer Songwriter Daniel MrBrearty both take pleasure in seeing people enjoy art and music. With this 4th Music Unites event Frank and Martine create a platform for Daniel to present his new work.

Daniel is well-known in Belgian jazz circles as a clarinet and saxophone player. Recently however, he has put down the woodwinds and picked up the guitar, in order to polish a repertoire of self-penned songs written over several decades.

On Saturday February 9th at 20:00, this special concert starts at Very Fine Solutions , Camille Huysmanslaan 45 , 2020 Antwerpen. 

Tickets and reservations: 22,17 Euro entrance (incl CD live recording from the evening)

This evening the concert will be recorded by Fritz de With from STS Digital on a Nagra 4S tape recorder, and digitalised with a MSB ADC.

Later on the people attending will get a CD from this evening. (Not the evening itself )

Buy your tickets here click on the link below

Wij verzoeken u vriendelijk om de tickets te kopen via Eventbrite, dit om organisatorische redenen (We willen alle geïnteresseerden een plekje geven en het aantal plaatsen is beperkt).
We kindly ask you to use the Eventbrite link to buy the entrance ticket. This way we can easily keep track of the number of attendees and make sure everyone gets a good place.

Very Fine Solutions brengt mensen samen om te genieten van kunst en muziek. Met Christina Mignolet brengen we een nieuwe artiest naar Music Unites. Haar frêle indringende werken raken je gevoelens en vormen zo een mooie synergie tussen kunst en muziek.

Munich High End 2017

At the 2017 Munich High End show, MSB presented the new album of Lyn Stanley: “Moonlight Sessions” in their demonstration room.

Lyn Stanley is a magnificent artist, who creates high quality records. She also produces and works with artists to create arrangements and so on. She gave me the opportunity to present her new album “Moonlight Sessions”, being a member of her Lyn Stanley Society.

Music was always part of Stanley’s life.  She chooses her songs experientially, and this allows her to truly understand and translate the meaning of the song. She brings them from her heart.

When she sought out the late pianist Paul Smith (RIP), and asked for a hearing.  Vocal coach Annette Warren Smith, describes their reaction:  “We couldn’t get over how good she was.  She knew she was a great dancer but she didn’t know how good she was as a singer.”

The Moonlight Sessions Lyn Stanley

Lyn Stanley Moonlight Sessions

Her first album Lost in Romance (2013) followed by Potions in 2014 and Interludes are all truly musical diamonds, offering a very musical experience.

With world renowned musicians and the best sound engineers she puts in all the efforts to create albums that stand out…And Oh boy yes that was an experience.

Lyn presented her last project: The Moonlight Sessions-Volumes One and Two. in the MSB room

She presented the album that just was released and played some tracks of the Volume 2 album that will be released later this year. She explained how the songs and arrangements developed during the preparations and recording process. A very interesting insight in what it takes to produce and make a high quality album.

The MSB system, used to play her SACD, used the MSB Signature UMT, the Reference DAC, M204 Mono amplifiers and the Tidal Piano G2 Loudspeaker with the diamond tweeter.

While Lyn sang along her album, playing over this system, several of the people in the audience, pointed out they got chills. People watching the live stream on facebook, were amazed. Her well trained voice, live in the room, singing and talking also learned a lot to some fellow music lovers. Sometimes siblings are a real thing and if the musician in person has a little of that. The system should reproduce that properly. A true experience of musical pleasure and professionalism.

We at Very Fine Solutions are proud we work with such amazing equipment. We support artists to bring out the best of themselves, helping them to grow their audience. Our customers can benefit from the sound and enjoy music…because that is our goal. To contribute to the quality of life by great audio systems.

We’re more than happy to share this experience with you… have a look at this video we made… of Lyn’s performance and the MSB room. The songs selected in the video are from  The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two- scheduled to be released October 1, 2017.

If you would like to discover more about MSB and the system used, check out our veryfinesolutions facebook page or check out MSB here: MSB Technology

Enjoy the music.





I believe listening to music trough a High-End audio system is comforting. It has the ability to transport you and your emotions, to a place where you come back to yourself, relax and enjoy the moment. That precious moment for yourself. These moments are moments where you also connect to the important people close to you.

Article and pictures by Matej Isak – Publisher, Owner, Operator, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Mono & Stereo. Over the past few days I’ve attended the opening of the MSB EU Headquarters and Very Fine Solutions new showroom(s) in Antwerpen, Belgium.